Database updated: 21 July 2014.
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Online Gemstone Appraisal

Gemval is World's first online gemstone valuation resource for industry professionals. Our statistical database is updated every month and contains more than 70000 records from over 140 traders. To ensure our valuations remain unbiased, we don't buy or sell gems, nor are we affiliated with any jewelry merchants. Gemval has been used as an online pricing reference by professional web traders, jewelers and collectors since 2004.

Gemval provides you with a simple online tool for fast and accurate gemstone appraisal. Most natural colored gemstones can be valued using our interactive model. To arrive at the value, the sophisticated statistical model takes into account the many factors impacting a gem's value, such as its variety, weight in carats, color, color intensity and clarity amongst other characteristics. The value calculated in the model reflects current market prices.

Online gemstone appraisal

Current Market Prices of Gemstones

Value charts published by Gemval represent average market prices for almost all gemstone types. We update value charts on a monthly basis.

Gemstone value charts

Gemstone Color Grading

The color grade matrix is the core of the Gemval online appraisal system. It consists of 230 color patterns, 25 base hue sets + grey scale, extended by 6 tones (very light, light, medium light, medium, medium dark, dark) and by 3 saturation grades (strong, very slightly greyish/brownish, slightly greyish/brownish).
See also: Color grading system for Opals

Historical Prices and Gemval Aggregate Index

We have monitored the historical prices for natural gemstones since 1st July 2005. The Gemval Aggregate index (GVA) is updated and published monthly, on the base of calculated values and past statistics. GVA reflects the overall pricing trends for natural colored gemstones.
Historical data charts
Gemval Aggregate index

Gemval Analytics and Tools

We interviewed major gemstone traders working online and market analysts. We were selecting the most reliable web resources dealing with online gemstone trade for a long time. We hope that their professional opinion will help customers in better understanding of what happens nowadays on the market.
Experts analysis and opinion
Weight distribution analysis
Carat weight calculator

Our Clients

Read what our Clients think about Gemval service: Testimonials
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Featured Resources

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Gemval Aggregate Index, past 12 months

Gemval Aggregate Index (GVA) is calculated monthly since 1 Jul 2005. More...

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We grant our visitors free access to most gemstone pricing data. However, access to data on the following:
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News and Upgrade Log

July 21, 2014
Sapphire and Topaz sections updated.

July 14, 2014
Zultanite (color change Diaspore) added to the database.

July 13, 2014
Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal sections updated.

July 2, 2014
Now you can save photographs of gemstones in your Personal Collection and export your collection data to Excel table format. New features reserved for subscribers.

July 1, 2014
Hessonite garnet and Sunstone sections reworked.

June 24, 2014
Demantoid section reworked. We added 2 Horsetail clarity grades for Russian demantoids.

More news

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